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Friday, May 8, 2015

Rob Ford friend acquitted of drug charges; Judge implies cop is a liar and police brass were trying to set up Ford

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's close friend Sandro Lisi had all drug charges against him thrown out of court, with the judge strongly suggesting that the undercover police officer who testified against him was lying.

The judge also made it plain that top Toronto police brass, with the implication being former chief and current federal Liberal Party candidate Bill Blair, were trying to engineer charges against Rob Ford.

The whole matter is a disgrace and merits a full investigation of possible politically-influenced corruption in the Toronto Police Services.

...Justice Ramez Khawly dismissed all charges against Ford’s friend and former driver Alexander (Sandro) Lisi and his co-accused, Jamshid (Jay) Bahrami.

“It would be naive to suggest Lisi was investigated in a vacuum. The connection to the mayor of Toronto loomed large,” Khawly said in his two-hour-long decision.

Police would not put the resources after “such small fry” the judge said. They were after “big game.”

Khawly said the case really fell apart because he found the key witness — an undercover Toronto police officer — to be unreliable and not credible. He said the officer was under intense pressure from top police brass to build a strong case against “the big enchilada” — Ford — and his friend Lisi...

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