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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Ayatollah's conspiracy theory roadshow comes to Toronto

Hide your kids and hide your wives, because America's most unhinged conspiracy theorist - a man who makes Alex Jones look grounded - is coming to Canada's largest city.

Iranian-Canadian activist Shabnam Assadollahi spotted this announcement on Facebook, promoting an event at the Islamic Centre of York Region on May 31 honouring the Ayatollah Khomeini.

It's the Ayatollah stuff that got Assadollahi's attention, but the name "Dr. Kevin Barrett" is the one that stood out for me.  Barrett is a former University of Wisconsin professor who briefly gained national attention for promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories.  From there it's been a descent into complete and utter madness.

Barrett is now a regular guest on Iran's PRESS TV "news" channel, but it's at the misleadingly namedVeterans Today website - actually a front for neo-Nazis and Islamists - where he really lets his freak flag fly...

Our old pal Zafar Bangash, the Islamo-fascist loon and depraved Khomeinist who who says that internecine conflicts between Muslims in Pakistan is part of a Zionist conspiracy will be there too.

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