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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thousands of parents keep kids home from school in sex-ed protest

Incensed at a new sex education curriculum they say will be too graphic for young sensibilities, parents of thousands of GTA elementary students kept their children home from school Monday in protest, with a thousand taking placards and chants of “We Say No!” to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s riding office.

In Toronto, almost 35,000 students were absent, a leap of 144 per cent over the previous Monday. In York Region some 2,000 elementary students stayed home, including 70 per cent of students at Teston Village Public School and 40 per cent at Markham Gateway Public School. In Peel Region, 1,170 students stayed home, with some schools missing up to 250 students.

Hardest hit was Toronto’s Thorncliffe Park Public School, where only about 130 children showed up of the usual 1,350 — roughly 90 per cent staying away...

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1 comment:

gama said...

AHHHHHH it's 90% at Thorncliffe Park Public School, the school with a cafeteria mosque. Bet you dollars to doughnuts , the liberal neo-progs { new-progressives } bend themselves into a pretzel to exclude such enclaves of precious sensitivities from the trauma of western 'liberal' values !