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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Author Tarek Fatah threatened with expulsion from Muslim Debate for criticizing moderators on twitter

From Tarek Fatah:

Toronto Star reporter with security guards who were sent to chuck me out of the 'Muslim Debate' last night that was held at the Aga Khan Centre in Toronto.
The proceedings had taken a break at the time for the audience to pray in the middle of the debate when the Toronto Star reporter came with these guards as I sat in the media section, doing absolutely nothing other than tweeting that the two moderators were biased and did not even attempt to disguise their contempt for PM Harper and to corner the Conservative candidate, Karim Jivraj.
They wouldn't say why they wanted me to leave, and then threatened to call the cops, but the picked on the wrong guy.
Suffice to say, the charade of the 'debate' re-started after the pious bearded and hijabis had prayed and come back.
I was later told that I had taken a picture of the Toronto Star reporter and that she was protesting. Fact is I did not take any picture of that woman nor did I know where she was sitting or who she was, never having met her.
Had it not been for a dozen witnesses who backed my story, I am sure I would have been dragged out.
This incident is just a glimpse into the authoritarian and supremacist view of the Islamist that unfortunately the Left and the Liberal have swallowed hook, line, and sinker, fantasizing female Islamists as if they were latter day Rosa Parks, notwithstanding the fact the hijabis choose to sit at the back of the bus and condemn those who seek the front row.
Canadians must wake up and stop tippy toeing in cowardice around those who wish to bring the niqab to Canada.
Until my next infraction with Islamists, cheerio!


Douggie Tremain said...

Sorry not buying it Richard. There is no one on that clip asking Fatha to leave. This looks like another one of his contrived incidents.All there is is Fatha's word for it. Not Enough!

Richard K said...

Wow. You really have to go out of your way to not pay attention to say that they weren't trying to eject Tarek. What then exactly do you think the guards were doing there for 5 minutes and Tarek and some nearby witnesses were objecting to?

TarekFatah said...

So when the guard says, "you have choice. Leave or we'll call the cops," you plugged your ears eh?

Douggie Tremain said...

Yes telling him to sit down 10 times sure sounds like he's being ejected!BTW Mr. Fatha (T-Fat) has a history of crying wolf http://drmaxtor.blogspot.ca/2011/02/my-old-collaborator-from-living.html

Richard K said...

You really weren't paying attention, Douggie. I don't know if you're motivated by some hate for Tarek, or some deep desire to apologize for the Islamists running the debate, but the tape makes it clear Tarek was sitting and they were trying to throw him out.

Douggie Tremain said...

To me, he sounded like one of those cop baiters trying to play for the camera/microphone. I'm not a fan of his that's for sure. But I'm less a fan of out of context recordings Don't forget he makes his living from this sort of thing!! Next time you try this crap Mr Fatah, try turning on the recorder earlier.

Anonymous said...

Douggie Tremain should be deported to Saudi Arabia! They will treat you as one of their own and let you have 6 wives for being an apologist and a liar. The recording is clear. There's no use trying to mess with someone's heads when we all are hearing the same thing! Call a psychologist perhaps or a isamic moulvi. -Naresh

Douggie Tremain said...

Good grief people all you have to do is listen to the first minute of the clip. The rest is Mr. Fatha complaining and asking why he was being asked to leave.Pure baiting.Why should I be deported Mr/Mrs anonymous? I'm born here.This is just my opinion take it or leave it.