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Saturday, September 26, 2015

NDP's Andrew Cash conflicts with party leader Mulcair by endorsing antisemitic boycott of Israel

The New Democratic Party of Canada has a Jewish Problem.

It has a leader who is sympathetic to Israel as the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

But in that view, Thomas Mulcair stands virtually alone in his party. Almost all the rest of his caucus don't like Jews at all.

Of course this isn't the 1930's where you can just come out and say that you detest Jews and get away with it, particularly when you're pretending to be the "social justice" party.

So what they do is go after the only Jewish state in the world and apply standards to it that they don't apply to any other country. Canada is a country that was a colonial project of England and France, its land conquered from the First Nations. So while Canadian Jew-haters sometimes pay lip service to Native rights, they try to push a boycott of Israel for its "colonialism." That's despite the fact that Jews have been indigenous to Israel or whatever name that place took for the last 2600 years.

NDP MP for Davenport
Andrew Cash
The NDP's Andrew Cash, seeking reelection in Toronto's Davenport riding, endorsed the antisemitic Israel boycott this week.  A "viable and peaceful form of protest to Israel’s actions for those who wanted to take that route" is how he described it.

The Government of Canada, among others, considers it Jew-hate.

Thomas Mulcair has said of the boycott that his MP Cash endorses, "...to say that you’re personally in favor of boycott, divestment and sanctions for the only democracy in the Middle East is, as far as I’m concerned, grossly unacceptable. "

It's unlikely Mulcair will take Cash to the woodshed over his endorsement of an effort to crush the Jewish state. Cash is a high-profile, sitting MP and Mulcair isn't going to dump one of those over a few offended Jews in a safe NDP riding just four weeks before the election.

But this sort of thing is an epidemic among NDP candidates.

An NDP candidate in Hamilton, Ontario, who is a School Board Vice-Chair and has a degree in "Social Justice" Studies made vulgar jokes about a Nazi death camp for Jews and tried to brush it away by claiming she "never heard of Auschwitz."
A mole rat, who may or may not be
an NDP candidate

Only a few days earlier, an NDP candidate quit after he compared religious Jews to the Taliban.

A number of other NDPs have been forced out by Mulcair after they expressed support for the same antisemitic boycott that Cash just endorsed, or made comments about Israel that bordered on the deranged. But many NDP MPs and candidates remain who still do so, and have even tacitly endorsed anti-Israel terrorist organizations.

This is the reality behind the smiling face that Tom Mulcair is trying to project to Canadians leading up to October's election date. The smile on Mulcair's face may actually be a pained grimace reflecting his fear of the next imbecilic statement that will inevitably come from one of his candidates.

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Anonymous said...

"smile on Mulcair's face"?

He doesn't strike me as à smiling person. Throughout the campaign, he has adopted the vocabulary and mannerisms of a frustrated Marxist.