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Sunday, September 13, 2015

If you think Kathleen Wynne cares about your kids' safety, think again

Only a few days ago, a kid was stabbed at my son's high school. He ended up in critical condition and my son was locked in a classroom without air conditioning on a sweltering afternoon the week of Labour Day.  Whether of not kids are being actually harmed isn't the kind of safety for students Kathleen Wynne cares about. Because she doesn't care about your kids beyond conditioning them to think the way she wants them to think.

The Premier of Ontario is a hypocrite:

...(Kathleen) Wynne said her new sex-ed curriculum is all about keeping children safe in school and society and nothing will stop her from implementing it...
...On her sex-ed curriculum, she paints her adversaries as being motivated by evil intentions and herself as being on the side of the angels...
...Now let’s compare that to Wynne’s reaction to a report on actual school violence which, unlike graffiti, really endangered the safety of Toronto students back when she was education minister.

Following the May 23, 2007 fatal shooting of 15-year-old Grade 9 student Jordan Manners inside Toronto’s C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, the Toronto school board commissioned a task force headed by civil rights lawyer Julian Falconer to look into violence in city schools.

It found widespread problems such as a “culture of fear and silence” with regard to reporting and addressing school violence throughout the system, starting at the top.

It said there were significant numbers of guns, knives and other weapons in certain schools and that sexual assaults were a serious problem.

Teachers trying to control violent, bullying students and trespassers complained to the task force about a lack of support from school administrators, superintendents and trustees, some of whom interfered in disciplinary cases, violated confidentiality and undermined attempts to deal with violent students.

The report concluded board bureaucrats didn’t want to hear about violence.

Teachers who tried to raise the issue said they feared “political reprisal"...

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