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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Justin Trudeau wants to force uninformed people to vote among his not-so-bright ideas to alter democracy

Proportional Representation is a system where political parties decide who sits in the legislature. With it, candidates who can't even win a plurality in their own areas, and were rejected by the voters most familiar with them, can still sit in the legislature when their parties place them there.

And get ready for a Parliament filled with fringe groups who squeak past the minimum threshold for representation.

Every time Canadians have had a chance to vote in a referendum about whether they wanted Proportional Representation, they rejected it. But that's what Justin Trudeau wants to impose on Canada if he gets to head a government.

And he wants to force you to go to the polls, just like Stalin and Saddam Hussein did for their "elections."  How forcing someone to vote who has no interest to do so and hasn't paid any attention to national issues makes democracy better isn't something Trudeau can explain.

This guy is not up to leading a school council, let alone a country.


Anonymous said...

Mandatory voting works in Australia and takes care of the issue of voter suppression.

Unknown said...

Can I please use that first paragraph defining proportional representation? After the last 5 or so Australian Federal Election results that prove the definition to be true.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, it may work from you tilted point of view but it passes no democratic sniff test. The whole premise behind proportional representation is that parties can manoeuvre electoral results contrary to the actual ballot. vote green and get a Labor Government. Or as with our new PM Vote Lib/Nat and get a Labor led Government.

Richard K said...

These are the types of people Justin wants to force into the voting booth https://youtu.be/2a4n_4imuuA