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Friday, October 2, 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls Liberal and NDP position to let terrorists keep citizenship, "political correctness on steroids."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper in conversation with Andrew Lawton

In the interview, Stephen Harper refers to the NDP and Liberal position supporting citizenship for terrorists as "political correctness on steroids." Revocation of terrorists' citizenship isn't flying well with the CBC. Considering both the Liberals and NDP have pledged to give more money to the Ceeb if they're elected, nothing the Conservatives do flies well with them.

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Unknown said...

He's a good little demagogue, isn't he?

I have yet to hear anyone with a working knowledge of the law anywhere say that the odds of C-24 surviving a Section 15 challenge (quite aside from the fact that it's being unconstitutionally applied ex post facto) are anything other than zero. One supposes that's why he mused to Andrew that it can used to all address all kinds of different crimes, or at least didn't shut down the possibility immediately. If your law exists merely to bludgeon the opposition and pander to idiots, it can mean pretty much whatever you want it to.

By the way, deporting terrorists to, say, Pakistan or Afghanistan is a genius idea! Outstanding thinking! It's not anyone's ever exported terror from there before. Oh. Right.

Finally, why would he need to go to all the muss and fuss of stripping citizenship if he's going to make it so "life means life"?

Of course, I'm going on and on about policy and logic, which this was never intended to be. It's a political instrument, and therefore an enormous waste of time and money. But the Harper Party excels at wasting time and money.