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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Perils to the US because of Obama's policy failures

GLOBAL CHALLENGES, U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY, AND DEFENSE ORGANIZATION - Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee from Kathleen Hicks,  Senior Vice President, Henry A. Kissinger Chair, and Director of the International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

...The March 2014 events in Ukraine were a stark reminder that state-based opportunism is alive and well. If the United States ignores the challenges posed by major powers such as Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, it does so at its own peril. Although we have an excellent record of deterring existential threats to the United States, we face a deterrence challenge for so-called “grey area” threats. The United States must better shape the calculus of those states that wish to test our response to ambiguous challenges. This will mean clearly communicating those interests and our willingness and capability to act in defense of them. It also means carrying out threats when deterrence fails. Without that commitment, the value of deterrence will continue to erode,and the risk of great power conflict will rise...

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