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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anti-Israel Vassar professors too cowardly to debate Cornell law prof William Jacobson

You may recall My debate challenge to Vassar pro-boycott faculty who signed an Open Letter defending the American Studies Association academic boycott of Israel:
Any or all of the 39 Vassar faculty members are welcome to debate me. All I insist on is equal time cumulatively. If none of the 39 Vassar faculty agree to debate, I will give a lecture on why the academic boycott of Israel should be opposed.
The organizers of the debate, the recently renamed Vassar Conservative Libertarian Union (VCLU), informed me a short while ago that none of the 39 Vassar faculty who signed the Open Letter had accepted my debate challenge by the deadline of last night...  

1 comment:

DCD said...

Cornell beats Vassar every time! (As you may recall, I was born in Ithaca while my Dad finished up his PhD.) :)