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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kelly McParland: Olivia Chow would be a disaster for Toronto transit hopes

...While less than ideal, Stintz’s plan has more to say for it than the one unveiled by Olivia Chow, who spent the past seven years as an MP in Ottawa and seems to have lost all grasp of Toronto’s municipal realities. Chow said she would cancel a plan to build a new subway line in Scarborough, a project that took years of agonized debate before everyone finally grew weary enough to quit fighting. Instead she would build an alternative above-ground system — reviving the project that started all the fighting in the first place — and devote the extra money to existing TTC operations. Chow is big on buses, arguing that 60% of TTC trips involve a bus. Which may be true, but adding a few buses to busier lines will do nothing to clear the clogged roads or the overwhelmed subway lines...
Plus a reminder, Chow wants to keep the Scarborough subway tax but not deliver a subway.

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The Hammer said...

I am curious. Does Chow's plan call for more jobs than the plans for Rob Ford or Karen Stintz? If so then we know why she is pushing it ;)