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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye to the First Amendment

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Unknown said...

As detestable as liberals' views on speech can be, a few things should be pointed out.

1) Liberals want to destroy the First Amendment, sure. But conservatives gutted the Fourth without anyone protesting all that much. And they tend to see the Fourteenth as only being good for elected Bushes president.

2) The Constitution made the United States a global superpower? Really? How? In geopolitical and historical terms, that's more of a hallucination than an argument or statement of fact.

3) What "foreign court is going to rule that the First Amendment violates international law"? Under which treaty? More specifically, which treaty that the United States has signed and abided by?

4) Speech chill in universities actually started under the Reagan administration. Dinesh D'Souza wrote about it at some length before he lost his lost his fucking mind. Amazingly, two Republican presidents, sixteen years of Republican Houses and twelve years of GOP Senates did nothing at all to change that tide.

5) According to this guy, all three branches of government seem to be in opposition to the First Amendment, instead of just foreigners and academics, which suggests that the battle is already over.