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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Warning: Extremely graphic evidence of Justin Trudeau's total incompetence

The degenerate sadists of ISIS are obviously taking pleasure sitting around, thinking of different horrific ways to inflict slow, monstrous deaths upon their victims.

The leader of Canada's Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, who has got to be the stupidest person to lead a major political party in a western democracy in over a century,has announced he will cease military operations against ISIS should he be elected Prime Minister.

As nightmarish as it is, if you have any doubt about Justin Trudeau's complete incompetence, you should watch the video at THIS LINK to see exactly what the Liberal leader thinks isn't a serious enough threat to act against in a substantive way.


Unknown said...

"The degenerate sadists of ISIS are obviously taking pleasure sitting around, thinking of different horrific ways to inflict slow, monstrous deaths upon their victims."

Wow, that seems pretty bad. Horrific even.

So 80 guys and six outdated planes - a deployment smaller than a traditional Canadian peacekeeping mission - is adequate to defeat this? This is "substantive"? We're almost a year in and IS's footprint has grown greatly since we started, so I guess not.

Could I be the only one that has noticed the paucity of government announcements that our forces have actually hit anything? The Harper Cabinet has been called all manner of things in the last nine years. "Shy" isn't one of them.

It would be fantastic if for once Harper's actions even came close to reflecting his rhetoric.

Richard K said...

Canada doesn't have the anything close to the resources required to deal with this on its own. But it's necessary for the world to band together and deal with ISIS, and Canada playing a part, even a small one, is helpful. Being on the other side of the Atlantic makes Canada taking the lead virtually impossible logistically. But still, if Canada walks back from the commitment its already made, as Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair want us do do, it would send a terrible signal.

Unknown said...

I dunno, we had 2,000 troops and almost all of our air force in Afghanistan for years until Harper pulled them out.

But knowing that Harper is going to run around the friggin' country for the next four months pretending that he's the goddamned Warrior King, I think it's important to point out what he's actually doing. The rhetoric is adorable, but still horseshit.

And make no mistake, the entire international community is going to walk away from this in about a year because there is absolutely no strategy for victory. The armies of the Middle East comprise about five million soldiers. You know how many of them are fighting ISIS? Exactly none. There are non-state militias, but no actual armies on the ground.

So we're going to fight for people that categorically and emphatically refuse to fight for themselves? I don't think so.

Richard K said...

I suppose we could leave the Yazidis and Christians in the region to their fate of being slaughtered en masse and having ISIS use their women as sex slaves, but that's not the option I prefer. I also don't see how this problem won't get massively worse if left alone.

It's possible that Canada may commit more troops and give them license for a more explicit combat role after the election, if the Conservatives win. Considering how Harper owns this issue as things stand, I would presume he doesn't want to take a political risk by doing anything major like that prior to the election.

Unknown said...

We leave people to their fates all the time, often when they're willing to fight for themselves. Fighting wars to prevent genocides is a fairly modern concept, and we usually only do it when there's a larger national interest involved. Most of the people who are currently insisting that we save everybody from ISIS were okay with watching 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis get slaughtered in a month.

Your argument would be stronger if the territory under ISIS control hadn't actually increased since our intervention.

Finally, the suggestion that Harper might be actively and willfully lying to the Canadian people about a war for political purposes is a compelling argument for his defeat in October. More importantly, it suggests that there isn't adequate public support for an expanded mission.