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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The stupidity of Slutwalk and "Rape Culture" hysterics

Rape is evil and rapists should be thrown in jail for a long time.

In Pakistani tribal areas, gang rape is used as a punishment - often against innocent women whose only crime was to be a family member of someone who "dishonored" another clan. That's a rape culture.

In North America, a person's life can be ruined just for being accused of rape. We live in a culture where a portion of society goes apeshit because Joss Wheedon wrote in a throwaway Prima Nocta joke in the last Avengers movie. We don't live in a rape culture.

The Slutwalk airheads aren't protesting the rape culture in Pakistan or other 3rd world countries; they're protesting a culture where Daniel Tosh can crack a joke about rape in a comedy club and not have his career destroyed for it. Really. They say things like, "If a person has the ability to comfortably joke about rape, what’s stopping them from actually raping someone? In my eyes, I see nothing stopping them. It really, truly scares me."

Maybe what's stopping them is the same thing that allows us to joke about killing people, but still keeps civilized people from actually murdering each other. We can joke about stealing things while still recognizing that theft is both legally and morally wrong. Or is that too logical to process?

The Slutwalk people are batshit crazy. Their real motive is more of the same old, "Look at me! I'm an activist!"


Unknown said...

I resent that. Sluts are an invaluable resource and should be cherished.

Richard K said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. I'm a huge fan of sluttiness and have even been known to be a bit of one myself. But a) I don't think these women are really sluts, they're misappropriating slut culture for their own political purposes, and b) you'd better be really, really good at being a slut and there had better be a lot of alcohol involved if I'm expected to have to listen to one of them try intellectualize about anything. That's not what sluts are supposed to be for.