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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Regardless of how Rachel Dolezal self-identifies, it's apparent she's a liar

In the strange and fascinating case of the suddenly and sensationally infamous civil-rights activist Rachel “I am definitely not white” Dolezal, there is something especially peculiar about the vast expenditure of effort in reporting, punditry and chatshow analysis undertaken by CNN, MSNBC and the CBC and all the dailies from the New York Times to Israel’s Haaretz and Britain’s Guardian, and the contributions from the new-media toilers at Buzzfeed and Slate and Vox and all the rest.

It’s this: nobody has managed to significantly advance the original story that veteran Idaho newspaper reporter Jeff Selle, after a mostly solitary investigation, filed for last Thursday’s editions of the plucky Coeur D’Alene Press. What little has been accomplished since last Thursday has come almost solely from the margins...

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