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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Monday, November 16, 2015

Andrew Lawton: Searching for peace in Israel

TEL AVIV—Is it okay to stab Jews in the streets?
In the wake of a series of stabbings of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem, that question was posed to viewers of a call-in talk show broadcasted in the West Bank last week.
As a talk radio host myself—always searching for questions that compel people to pick a side of a timely issue—it astonished me. I’m aware of the threats of terror under which Israelis live every day, but that there could possibly be two answers to that question reminded me how far away from home I am.
“Most said no,” assured the host, Palestinian journalist Maher Shalabi, who runs a television station in the West Bank and hosts the show ‘Transparent.’

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