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Monday, November 23, 2015

Canada's government will spend millions of your dollars to be virtue-signalling social justice warriors

High on the new Liberal government’s agenda is an comprehensive inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls. But there seems little point — we already know what it will say.

We know because the ministers responsible have told us. It seems odd to have the verdict before the trial, especially if devoted to “evidence-based decision-making.” But Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett already denounced the previous Tory government for pointing out that the killers were largely aboriginal men because “it was appalling in terms of blame. I think it doesn’t deal with the effects of colonization. It doesn’t deal with the effects of child abuse.”

Likewise, Canada’s new justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, a former prosecutor and former Assembly of First Nations’ regional chief, whose department will help plan the two-year, $40-million inquiry, says it must “get at as many of the roots causes of why this situation has been enabled in the first place, issues that are reflective of the colonial relationship that exists, root causes like poverty and marginalization and inequality.”

So colonization did it. If we already know that, why spend two years and $40 million to say it again?

One possible answer is to find solutions. And both Bennett and Wilson-Raybould are rightly determined to do so. But again, what can the inquiry possibly say about solving problems like colonization, poverty, marginalization, inequality and other such root causes that has not already been said?...

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Birdy said...

At least they were "colonized" and not slaughtered!