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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jordanian cleric changes mind - after declaring it's not ok to kill Jews and facing backlash, now says it's a Muslim obligation to kill Jews

In this video, Jordanian cleric Hassan al-Halabi says that murdering Jews is wrong. Interestingly, he also states that the reason that Jews don't go around murdering Muslims is because of Jewish wickedness and heresy, so they can then say, "We are better than the Muslims who kill us unprovoked. We don't do that."  Yeah, that's the only reason I don't go on a daily murder spree. So I can boast how much better I am than these guys. This type of mindset actually is considered normal thinking in some Islamic countries.

But what apparently isn't considered normal in Islamic countries is not being in favor of killing as many Jews as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself. Poor Sheikh al-Halabi faced a huge backlash and was called a bleeding-heart pussy for suggesting you shouldn't knife an elderly Jewish woman to death if you get a chance, so he had to reclarify his position. Remember, according to Canada's new government, this is not a barbaric cultural practice, because to say that would be offensive.

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