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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Liberal Party claim of inheriting deficit from the Conservatives turns out to be a lie

Trudeau's Liberals lied to Canadians. Get used to hearing that line a lot over the next four years.

During the election campaign that ended last month, the Conservatives boasted about creating a budget surplus for the coming year.

Only a couple of weeks into office, the Liberals said that the Conservative surplus wasn't there and it was actually a deficit. Entering government in that state would necessitate them continuing with deficit spending, as Justin Trudeau has suggested during the campaign.

However upon a not very close look, it turns out that if the Liberals had continued spending at the projected rate, there would be a surplus. The newly projected deficit is only because the Liberals plan an enormous spending increase.


Anonymous said...

Lieberals (damn spellcheck!) lie. And we're surprised???

Anonymous said...

If they wanted to know the country's financial situation ahead of the election, all they had to do is ask. After all they were also in the government and they should have known. It's their duty to do so, as parliamentarians. Otherwise why the hell are they there? For a vacation?

Anonymous said...

His dad lied, Chretien lied, politicians lie, it's part of the job description some just do it better than others. Justin will get the hang of it he is a Trudeau after all.

Anonymous said...

Do you folks actually believe any of them. Think about it. Harper sold the GM shares for 3 billion and raided the UI fund for 2 billion to balance the budget. Without that, all of a sudden we have a 5 billion dollar deficit. Now the oil industry, which paid a large chunk of money into the government coffers is now suffering and people are being laid off right and left. I hope there us enough money left in the fund to help these people as well as all of the support industries who are. Being hammered as well. It doesn't matter who is in power, you will hear only what they want you to hear. I think they believe that if we learn the actual truth, people will be lining up on the cliffs to jump like the lemmings or sheep we really are. If we don't question our government, then we don't deserve a good government.