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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rex Murphy: University Administrators and real professors should take note: every brain needs a spine

The most recent reports say there is a crisis in child services in the United States. The cost of daycare spaces has reached absolutely astronomic levels. Placement at the University of Missouri, for example, easily breaks the $40,000 threshold. And if your toddler is lucky enough to squeeze into Yale, which has some of the most craven caregivers, the most swaddled cocoons and safe spaces on the continent, it will set you back a minimum $60,000. But hey, if you want the very best day care for the intellectually infantile at any of the top Institutes of Higher Whining, that’s why God gave you noses — so you could pay through them.

Parents are rightly grieved. “The fees are unbelievable,” said one parent. “And then there’s the cost of bubble wrap, organically-sourced pacifiers, printing out the tidal surge of trigger-warnings, the personal grievance manual (Why I’m Angry and Acting Out, Today) and the escalating costs of updating the daily identity politics kit. And of course the helicopter rides to check on little Brent or Stephanie, they really hit the home budget.”

It’s sad, but the Higher Whining and Advanced Fatuousness of American campus life takes a lot of mommy and daddy’s moola.

It is nearly impossible not to have heard of the intensely ridiculous and outrageous mischiefs currently being played out on some of America’s (deliriously self-described) institutions of higher learning...

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