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Thursday, November 11, 2010

An intimate Adam Cohen concert

Last night, Adam Cohen held a small, intimate private concert for about 200 people at the St. Paul's Centre on Bloor Street East in Toronto. Somehow I managed to get on the guest list. I guess someone must have mistakenly assumed I'm related to that other Voltaire (or maybe this one?).

Adam is the son of Canadian living legend, Leonard Cohen and between songs, he spoke openly and revealingly about his coming-of-age, his relationship with his famous father, and the relationships which were the inspiration for the songs he performed, most of which were from his upcoming album (cd?..itunes release?..I don't even know what to call recorded music anymore).

He also told a funny story about playing an LA club a few years back, having Paul McCartney and his then wife talk with him after the set, and being unable to stop staring at Heather Mills' leg.

The concert was organized by the brilliant Paul Koidis of The Centre for Creative Communications at Centennial College and it was both an opportunity for Adam to unveil some new music and for the Centennial students to get hands-on experience at filming and producing a concert for a bona fide Canadian Star.

What was remarkable to me was what a warm, humble and thoughtful person Adam is, onstage and off. I've met a few offspring of famous people over the years and the pressure, as often as not, can lead to some maladjusted personalities. And the privilege almost always leads to a spoiled smugness (not that I blame them, I'd probably be the same way in their shoes) , but nothing could be further from the case with Adam.

I have to say, I wasn't the only person who observed that almost all the songs he performed last night were about women with whom he'd had relationships.If the songs weren't so heartfelt, I'd almost think the guy was bragging.

He performed his own songs and a highlight of the evening was when Adam performed, for what he said was only the second time ever, his father's signature tune, Maryanne.

The videos of the new material aren't out yet, so here's a video of Adam's hit, Happiness:

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