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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is Ontario Minister of Citizenship Eric Hoskins as clueless as he appears in this video?

Below is a video of Steve Clark, the MPP for Leeds-Grenville, asking Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Eric Hoskins, why Ontario is pursuing increased relations with Syria, a terror-supporting dictatorship.

Hoskin's non-sequitur response is to praise the Syrian-Canadian community, obfuscate, and avoid answering the question.


No one has an issue with the majority of Syrian-Canadians, who are fine citizens who came to Canada to escape from a totalitarian regime that Hoskins seemingly wants to embrace.

But the question was why is Ontario possibly moving towards increased relations with a terror-supporting state that was behind the murder of a Lebanese Prime Minister?

As much as I have issue with his introduction of the HST and his less-than-vigorous approach to keeping campaign promises, Dalton McGuinty's government has an excellent relationship with Israel, so I have no concerns the provincial Liberal leadership has gone over to The Dark Side in that regard.

Hoskins is new on the job, having won his seat in a bi-election in the provincial riding vacated by McGuinty-rival Michael Bryant, prior to the unfortunate incident where he killed an enraged bicyclist in self-defense.

Judging from what I see here, it makes me wonder whether Hoskins was put into cabinet way, way too soon, or if he should be there at all.

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