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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharia/Marxist rag claims, "Tarek Fatah spreads fear and hatred on CBC"

The nutbars at The Canadian Charger, Mohammed "Elmo" Elmassry's home for 9-11 conspiracy crackpots and fanatical Islamists, have put out a little smear piece about Tarek Fatah.

I think they did it just to confirm what I wrote last week in The Propagandist:
"Liberal Muslims like Tarek Fatah have had to endure insult and ostracism from the conservative mainstream for trying to expose the problems that Islam faces as a result of the way the religion and culture is practiced, rather than blaming the West for self-inflicted woes."

Check it out at Fatah's facebook page here

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Loga'Abdullah said...

I reviewed Tarek Fatah's book, Chasing a Mirage (2008), here. I think you'll find it interesting.


It is valuable for us to look at all sorts of opinions, and it is also vital to know when information if factual or falsehood. I kindly hope that, rather than assume it is written by a crackpot and not read it, verify to see if it is factual or otherwise.