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Friday, November 12, 2010

There's a neighbour Eye on a Crazy Planet readers would like even less than Omar Khadr

The last Eye on a Crazy Planet poll asked:

Who would you least like to have as your next door neighbour?

The choices were:
Karla Homolka, Omar Khadr, Roman Polanski, Kristen Wong-Tam, and Avi Lewis.
I thought home-grown convicted and self-confessed terrorist and murderer, Omar Khadr, would be a hands-down winner.
But I was wrong. I forgot to take families into account. While the Khadr clan are generally considered to be Canada's most reprehensible family, Omar Khadr's parole conditions are expected to prohibit contact with the rest of Canada's "first family of terrorism."
Whereas, with Avi Lewis, you'd also get, in between bouts of camp-following protests, his wife Naomi Klein. All things considered, Khadr's not looking so bad after all.

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