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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama’s Mad Message: Don’t go back to the failed policies of the Bush-Obama Era


chowdog714 said...

The comments highlighted here sure do make an arguement for what the ____! is going on here? Confusing is the word I use to tell my friends how I feel about politics these days. My main hope is that state by state something can be done to make a positive change? I'ts a mess.

Anonymous said...

Good points to the writer, but let's take into account, these issues were started years before Obama enetred the scene, it's been a mess sicne WWII.

Thats like saying those who started the basketball game in the 1st quarter, have no reflection upon those who come off the bench and play in the 2nd quarter.

They are affected by what was done or not done in the 1st quarter by there predesesors. Change was based upon image and public relations, Obama is a new puppett of the old establishment or social club of US politics.

Obama has entry, he is a Yale nick, same policies as his peers, but the problems did not start with him, and will not conclude with him.
I can careless for his approach

Daniel Moshe Johnson