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Thursday, December 2, 2010

UN abandons Gays at behest of Islamic bloc and African countries - North American Left offers only silent acquiescence

The United Nations, the body founded in the wake of the Holocaust and the horrific consequences of unchecked fascism, has once again signalled just how far off its foundation it's slid over the last 60 years. In a resolution on extrajudicial, arbitrary and summary executions, a specific reference to sexual orientation has been dropped from the list of unjustified reasons for executions, after several Arab and African countries banded together in a bid to have the reference removed.

What? No word from Queers against "Israeli Apartheid?"

There's a shock!

This is another reminder of the failings of the United Nations and the need for the democratic countries of the world to form an uncorrupted decision-making body such as a League of Democracies.

Read about the UN's latest travesty here at The Propagandist

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