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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The doppelgänger of fascism being promoted in our universities

No one would tolerate Nazism being taught as an acceptable approach to view social sciences in universities. Even fascism, which lacks the odious racially-based persecution of Nazism but is a political philosophy which sanctions state control over most aspects of citizens lives using brutal methods is roundly discredited and rejected outright.

Yet a totalitarian philosophy that has been categorically discredited, and has been responsible for scores of millions of deaths in the last century still has its vocal proponents in our university system.

Wherever Marxism/Communism has been employed as a governing ideology, be it in Cuba, Albania, the USSR, or Mao's China, the result has been totalitarianism, repression of basic rights and freedoms and state murder, often on a massive scale.

Yet we still have "the Marxist perspective" being taught in western universities as if it were a credible approach.

It isn't. It's a foul cult that promotes class wars and denial of free expression while dissembling about equality.

George Orwell observed about the Marxist pigs that while they claim they are fighting for equality, they want some animals to be more equal than others.

Marxism isn't just another political philosophy; it's the doppelgänger of fascism. It's an active promotion of brutal, power crazed totalitarianism. Its advocates should be exposed for promoting an ideology that is responsible for more deaths than the Third Reich.

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