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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is the NDP's Joe Comartin getting his talking points from British demagogue George Galloway?

George Galloway spent a good deal of the introduction to his speech at the York Region Islamic Society on November 20 praising NDP MP Joe Comartin.

Comartin applauded proudly beside the defeated British ex-parliamentarian,  then took his rightful place behind the demagogue on the stage as Galloway launched into his familiar narcissistic diatribe about being persecuted by the Canadian government and Jason Kenney and a lot of other unoriginal babble that he has been giving in just about every speech he's delivered for the last 5 years.

But one of the rare new twists he provided was his extended extolment of Joe Comartin, Galloway's favorite man in Ottawa. Is it a surprise that Comartin is now calling for the Federal government to restore funding for the discredited anti-Israel group KAIROS?

And who else is Comartin consorting with? None other than "brother" Zafar Bangash.

Bangesh is an Islamic movement journalist and commentator notable for his desire to exclude school children from learning anything about homosexuality, his admiration for Iranian pedophile Ayatollah Khomenei, and shares his idol's belief that America is "The Great Satan." Bangash is also known as "the Helen Thomas of York Region" who said Israeli Jews should "go back where they came from:the US, Canada Europe, Russia, or whoever is willing to take them in."

A question for the voters of Windsor - Tecumseh is whether they want their parliamentary representative to be someone so closely associated with a bigot and a supplier of funds to a terror group.

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