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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iran responds to Egypt protests by increasing number of domestic executions

According to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, in January alone 83 people were executed in Iran. A total of 179 executions were reported in all of 2010.

Zohreh Eftekhari hopes her husband, prisoner Saeed Malekpour, will not become yet another victim of what has been described by human rights activists as "Iran's execution binge."   
Malekpour, a 35-year-old dual Iranian-Canadian citizen, was arrested in 2008 after returning to Iran to visit his ailing father. He was sentenced to death in December 2010.   
Malekpour is a web developer who has been accused on a number of charges, including "designing and moderating adult-content websites," "agitation against the regime," and "insulting the sanctities."
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Unknown said...

Insulting the Sanctities? Would anything less than a beheading be enough?

Richard K said...

Beheading's actually pretty lenient in Iran. They frequently like their executions to be by stoning, but they have a maximum allowable stone size. They don't want them too big, so as to prevent killing with one blow - it has to be a prolonged, tortuous execution.

What a great country - run by guys who make Charlie Manson look like a sane humanitarian.