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Monday, February 7, 2011

Toronto Mayor Ford delivers on another promise

The National Post reports that The City of Toronto "intends to recommend seeking competitive bids for curb-side pick up west of Yonge Street, to the Etobicoke border, plus privatize more of the litter vacuum operations and litter and recycling pick up in parks. The written notice meets the city’s obligations, under the collective agreement, to provide three month notice of its intention to put the recommendation before City Council for consideration."

During last fall's campaign, Ford promised to examine the privatization of garbage collection, which will result in savings plus ensure reliability of service. Etobicoke, the western borough of Toronto, which contracts out garbage pick-up, was the only area  not affected by the last municipal garbage strike.

Many people speculate that the next great social justice battle in Canada will be against the corrupt civic unions. Employees who want civil service jobs are compelled to join unions which then turn around and use union dues to support terror sympathizers and foreign communist regimes.

While theoretically democratic, civic unions are not infrequently headed by people who make Hosni Mubarak look like Thomas Jefferson.

Most civil servants want to serve the public and get paid for an honest days work while not breaking the backs of the citizenry of which they are a part. But the people who campaign for and devote excessive amount of time to union activities are often interested in the type of power they are not able to attain through career advancement.

Whether civic unions are serving the interests of the nation or even their own membership are questions that will be looked at as the backlash against them appears to be growing.

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