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Friday, February 4, 2011

A worried Gaddafi bans soccer matches to head off protests

With popular uprisings against autocrats spreading across the Arab world, unpopular Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has extended a ban of public demonstrations to include a ban on soccer matches.

Libya's crazed leader, who named one of his sons Hannibal, lives a lifestyle that exceeds that of the potentates of ancient Carthage on whose ruins his country sits.

Gaddafi has imprisoned journalists and political opponents and has ordered the assassination of ex-patriots who have spoken out against his regime. His repression of all dissent has made him and his family extremely unpopular among the Libyan masses.

His fear of meeting a fate worse than the deposed leader of Tunisia has led him to ban any opportunity for his people to assemble in large groups, even in non-political venues. He seems to appreciate that the opportunity to denounce the Beast of Tripoli may prove irresistible whenever it presents itself for his people.


alexb said...

Now there,is one revolt they could put on pay per view.

chowdog714 said...

I hesitate to sound flippant,but this guy has taken some solid punches from the white mans world! We killed his daughter,bombed his tent,and god knows what else?Notice how long he has kept his trap shut? Back when I was in the Army in 1975 we were well aware that we were going to Libya if the scramble turned out to be real! I'm glad they slapped some sense into him and history turned out the way it did! Thank you,have a good one.

Richard K said...

There is the Lockerbie question.

Other than that, after Reagan ordered his living room bombed, Gaddafi has more or less been behaving himself as far as the outside world goes.

But he's still made and continues to make life hell for his own country.

chowdog714 said...

Total agreement! Would shed nary a single tear if something were to befell him and some event caused him to go and find a new plastic surgeon?