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Thursday, February 10, 2011

OCAP thugs attack municipal democracy in Toronto

John Clarke's violent activist group, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) doesn't think they should have to be limited by normal democratic institutions.  A group of them invaded Toronto's City Hall during the final stages of budget deliberations and assaulted police and attempted to assault City Councillors. As OCAP's Liisa Schofield expressed “If you want to tell us to stand in a queue and wait and speak politely, that’s bogus. We have the right to come in here. ... We’re going to refuse to allow these cuts to happen in the city.”

Like Clarke, OCAP spokesperson Schofield has a history of violent protest and is also notable as the same-sex partner of Jenny "Hate Thesis" Peto.

The Globe and Mail describes the action and the arrests in this report.

UPDATE: See the hysteria and profanity of OCAP's attack on democracy in these videos.


Anonymous said...

With friends like OCAP, the poor don't need enemies.

JC said...

They were rowdy and out of line, but to be perfectly honest they didn't come into the council chambers to assault anyone. The video pretty clearly shows that they came in to voice themselves. Nothing physical was initiated by protesters. Let's condemn them for what they actually did - disrupted a council meeting, rather than exaggerate the case.