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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Canadian novelist Billie Livingston writes about her godmother, Sea Hitler Skank Karen DeVito

In the new Canadian literary magazine, Eighteen Bridges (with a pretentious name like that, it's destined for oblivion faster than you can say Canada Council grant cutbacks)  novelist Billie Livingston writes of her abusive upbringing and a resurrected relationship with her godmother, Sea Hitler (Canadian Gaza boat) passenger Karen DeVito.

While the portrait Livingston creates of DeVito is sympathetic, like any honest rendition of the pathetic anti-Israel fanatics, it reveals more about their hypocrisy, intellectual deficiencies and emotional pathology than a supposed commitment to justice.

One notable vignette illustrates how despite disingenuous claims about being in danger, among themselves, the "activists" tacitly concede that Israel-bashing is the lazy, cowardly leftists' route to adulation while lying about their heroism and bravado to the media:

 It was shortly after we moved in that the boat committee asked her to sail to Gaza. John would stay on land to act as a communications officer.
“You said you wouldn’t!” I hollered, bug-eyed with exasperation.
“Don’t worry, Binky,” she said. “The IDF doesn’t beat up women.”

Perhaps someday, if Ms Devito genuinely cares about social justice and human rights, she might travel to protest about the plight of women, democracy advocates, and minorities in Iran. Of course, that's unlikely since Ms Devito, who appears primarily concerned with trendy self-promotion while decrying relatively minor transgressions committed by a safe liberal democracy, is probably aware of the type of reaction she'd get there.


Mary Hughes Thompson said...

Karen, you are my favorite Sea Hitler Skank. You must be doing something right.

Richard K said...

If being a hypocritical fool is an achievement, she is.

Truegreta said...

I'm honored to know you, Karen. These snarky comments from people who have never been on a boat to Gaza show how desperate the Israeli apologists are.

It doesn't work any longer. The true litmus test of progressive behavior is justice for Palestine.

The rest is just whining from an oppressive and brutal occupier

Truegreta said...

How typical of the apologists for Israeli war crimes to try to change the subject to women in Iran.

While Israel brutalizes and occupies 4.5 million Palestinians, their Hasbara machine is out in force demonizing those of us who work for justice in Palestine.

I'm proud to know you Karen. You, like many women, have put your body on the line and joined the boats to Gaza. Bravo

Truegreta said...

Bravo Karen. You are one of my heroes and you did what many only think of doing. You challenged Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza.

I'm proud to know you

Richard K said...

Just about every Israeli would like nothing better than to live in peace with the Palestinians, but when Israel withdrew from Gaza, the response was rockets launched at civilian targets by Hamas.

Anyone who knows anything about Palestinian society knows that it is one that lionizes suicide bombers and murderers of children. It's rather difficult to make peace under those conditions. There are injustices committed by Israel for sure, but the first duty of a government is to protect the lives and safety of its citizens and Israel is doing that in a way that is as humane as any democracy has ever done under similar conditions.

That's one of the indicators of the incredible stupidity of the anti-Israel fanatics - they remove all context from the issue. It's all about "the "oppression" without the slightest acknowledgement of why it's happening.

That's probably why you hear idiotic paranoia from so many of the anti-Israel regressives, like their suggesting every criticism of them is part of some Israeli Hasbara conspiracy. That sort of stupid bigotry is not too far from the same kind of moronic hate that believes the conspiracies in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Richard K said...

Truegreta, I inadvertently deleted your last comment when correcting a spelling mistake on one I was writing - it wasn't censorship - please re post -