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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

They're back! Intellectually vapid hatemonger group al QuAIA threatens to derail Toronto's Pride festival (again)

The collection of hideous gargoyles that calls itself Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (al QuAIA) says it wants to participate in Toronto's Pride festival this year.

Contentious City Council hearings last year almost derailed the Pride festival as a whole, when the Mayor and a number of councilors threatened to withdraw city funding and in-kind donations to the festival, which would have effectively driven the festival into bankruptcy.

The vapid hatemongers whose sole purpose is to demonize the only liberal democracy in the middle east, and the only one in its region that respects Gay rights, because it is a Jewish state were expected to lay low until after 2014 when Toronto is supposed to host the World Pride festival.

But because of their fanatical, narcissistic self-interest, this year's Pride and Toronto's hosting the world festival will again be placed in jeopardy.

Al QuAIA's participation also has the effect of crippling Toronto Pride's ability to attract sponsors, since no credible organization wants to be associated with a venue that gives a platform to hateful fanatics.

Right now, only one hotel is listed on Toronto Pride 2012's sponsor list. Keep an eye on that page and if more appear, be sure to let the sponsor know what you think of them giving money to a platform for the  bigots and hatemongers of Al QuAIA.

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Anonymous said...

I am boycotting Pride again this year if the QUAIA is involved. I have never seen such breath-takingly stupid people. Hmm Israel is the only place in the middle east I could be openly gay without serious consequences (even being killed) and I'm supposed to NOT support them????