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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Multiculturalism bites back - Muslim Council of Calgary advocates hatred of Canadian culture

The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is behind the website Muslims of Calgary. 

Its "Ask the Imam" section had a lengthy response on how to raise children in western countries like Canada.  

The response included such helpful tips as:          

"You should instill a hatred for this culture and its ways in the hearts of your children"     
"No matter how great the corruption in Muslim countries, it cannot compare to the kufr and permissiveness that exists in the west, except in a few rare cases."     
"It is haraam for you to give your children free rein in forming friendships with the children of the kuffaar."   
"It is not permissible for you to look forward to dilute the rulings of Islam and to make compromises in order to please the west and its people ... You see how the followers of deviant ideas and perversions feel proud of their principles and ideas and proclaim them openly with no embarrassment. "  
Muslims of Calgary have deleted the post from the website today  but fortunately, the  blogger Blazing Cat Fur who exposed this, has a screen shot up for posterity. 

Combined with the exposure of Toronto's East End Madrassa teaching hatred of Jews as part of its curriculum, and the Toronto District School Board's embrace of race-huckster Tim Wise's racialist garbage,  highlight the need of a review of the hate and idiocy being taught in schools across Canada.

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