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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Commies, Union bosses, Terror enablers and other assorted morons convene in Toronto for Marxism 2012

It's convention time at the Ryerson University campus on the weekend beginning tomorrow.

A collection of idiots will celebrate the ideology that crushes individuality and individual rights and was responsible for the oppression of Eastern Europe for 6 decades as well as 100 million murders in the 20th Century.

Among the notable buffoons speaking at Marxism 2012 in Toronto this weekend will be:

Abbie Bakan, an Israel-hating socialist, editorial board member of terror-supporting, 9-11 conspiracist magnet The Canadian Charger, founded by Elmo "let's kill all the Jews in Israel" Elmassry

Brigitte de Pape, a former Senate page, whose crowning life achievement was to hold up a sign she made with crayons, and is known for bubble-headed pronouncements like "Canada needs an Arab Spring."

James Clark, useful idiot of the Iranian regime and buddy of the vicious hatemonger Zafar Bangash

Carolyn Egan, Steelworkers Union boss, which may help explain why local steel manufacturing is virtually nonexistent.

And a couple of token Native leaders and Islamists, just to feebly try prove that the virtually all-white event isn't just a bunch of over the hill white folk.

For the list of other clowns who want to bring totalitarianism to Canada, you can check it out here

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