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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Tin Foil' Tom Mulcair`s NDP: Khadr good, Black bad

Law abiding Canadians concerned about their public safety have just had their worst fear realized.

We should be arming ourselves and barricading our homes at the terrifying prospect that convicted white collar criminal Conrad Black will soon be roaming the streets of Toronto and Ottawa. Black was convicted  in a Chicago courtroom on fraud charges in a convoluted case that a great many Canadian lawyers believe was unjustified and unproven. Meanwhile, self-confessed murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr should be given free reign of of land, an apology, and a huge compensation package for the inconvenience of incarceration after he murdered a US Army Medic and permanently maimed another following his surrender to American forces upon loss of a firefight in Afghanistan.
The NDP wants to keep this guy out...

At least that`s the way NDP leader Tom Mulcair seems to view things, showing that the NDP`s great new hope is no more competent than his predecessor, `Community Clinic` Jack Layton.

Conrad Black may be the personification of much that is bad about capitalism, from his raiding of the Dominion stores pension fund to the libel threats he would routinely issue to any journalist who tried to expose some of his shifty activities. But he has also made very real contributions to Canada in many ways, including raising the standard of journalism in founding The National Post, his authorship of historical works, and his often unheralded philanthropic contributions.

And the fact remains that while Conrad Black will likely continue to contribute to Canada, he most certainly has never or will never kill anyone or participate in an act of violent terrorism.

Contrast that with the unrepentant, violent Islamic terrorist Khadr, and the NDP's embrace of him, and it's easy to see how Mulcair and his party simply can't stop acting like idiots. As Libby Davies, the NDP's clownish Deputy Leader and resident 9/11 conspiracy theorist told CBC News, ""The whole situation has been quite a travesty since Day One in terms of the process that [Khadr] had to go through."

while they want to let this guy in
Most Canadians seem to think the travesty is that a murderous terrorist may soon have free reign to walk among us with the blessing of the Official Opposition.

The ridiculous example NDP leader Mulcair gave when complaining about the "double standard" applied to Black's request to return to Canada was to compare Black's case to that of a violent criminal convicted of shooting a police officer.

By failing to distinguish between a peaceful man with an admittedly mixed record and a violent, bloodthirsty criminal, the NDP isn't highlighting the hypocrisy of the Conservative government, they're reiterating their own incompetence and unsuitability to ever become the government themselves.

UPDATE: Never let it be said Tin Foil Tom has no sense of humour - with buffoonish Vancouver East MP Libby Davies at his side, Mulcair jokes, "we have the team to get the job done!"

I assume he means this job?


Unknown said...

Did Khadr renounce his citizenship when I wasn't paying attention and only seek to reclaim it when he was indicted by a foreign jurisdiction because it would allow him to serve his time in a comfier prison?

I do try to pay attention to these things but I admit to drinking some.

Richard K said...

Unlike his Grace or whatever the appropriate term of address for his lordship is, as far as I know, Khadr did not renounce his citizenship. He probably recalled how conveniently it served his father when Mr. Chretien pressured the Pakistanis to let him out of jail.

And I see where you're going on this, Skippy, but Connie was born here, has, all-in-all made some very positive contributions to Canada and will again in all probability. Whereas Khadr is a scumbag from a line of scumbags and his presence in this country represents a ongoing threat to the safety of Canadians. I don't think the choice is a hard one.