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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

City Councillor Stintz is covering up bad governance at Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Sun's Sue Ann Levy wrote:
TORONTO - At the tail end of Tuesday’s TTC meeting, I asked chairman Karen Stintz why a series of highly critical internal audits on two TTC departments were released on Monday, instead of when they were first done a good year ago. 
She initially tried to dismiss my question, claiming it was answered at Monday’s meeting of the TTC audit committee. (It was not.)
But when a media colleague pressed her to provide an answer, Stintz spewed off some absolute nonsense about the long-term need to “consolidate audit functions” between the city and the TTC — and that a proposal will be coming forward sometime in the fall. 
...Despite Stintz’s assurances that the TTC “will take the (necessary) steps” to improve things based on the audit findings, history has already proven we can’t rely on her to shake up the organization. 
Let’s not forget how Stintz behaved towards TTC whistleblower Cecilia Leung when she tried to meet with her exactly year ago to raise many of the same concerns highlighted in the newly-released audit reports. 
Leung, who was fired shortly after meeting with the chairman, told me in February that Stintz not only treated her with disdain but followed up with a letter warning her that they’d be looking into whether she had breached her non-disclosure agreement

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