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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Closing arguments in the Nortel Trial

Perhaps the strangest aspect of the accounting fraud trial involving Nortel’s three most senior financial executives is this: it’s that the defence has insisted on the most disclosure of evidence, not the Crown. So it was Friday evening, when lawyers for the three defendants — Frank Dunn, Douglas Beatty and Michael Gollogly — submitted their closing written arguments to Ontario Superior Court judge Frank Marrocco.

Some 500 pages of trial analysis from the defendants became available Monday, easily topping the 210 page final statement from the Crown, which was presented to the judge Aug. 3.

It can be reduced to this line: “There’s not a shred of evidence of any overt acts of concealment by the accused with respect to their accounting practices,” the argument notes. 

Jim Bagnall  has done an excellent job following this trial. Read more HERE

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