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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just in - spineless Obama administration becomes film critic - puts US Embassy seal on condemnation of Mohammed movie

Obama`s administration is lending US insignia to its apologia for free speech.


New television ads with US Embassy seal condemn anti-Islam film and feature Obama

We live in a time when a Socialist President of France has more balls than the President of the United States:


ReluctantSerf said...

Obama has all kinds of balls here. He is subjugating the US constitution to sharia law, and that takes balls to attempt in the US.

He is also telling Americans to get down on their knees and start apologizing to the Muslims in hopes hey won't hurt them in the future. That takes balls.

The people lacking balls,here are the American electorate. I was starting to think the the first service offered under Obamacare would be compulsory castration clinics. The way things are looking, however, that may not be necessary.

Richard K said...

Well, in honor of that comment, let me present THE GREAT ISAAC HAYES