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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terry Glavin: If only Canada had a liberal party

When the summoning of roughly 1,500 people to a demonstration in Toronto last Saturday was presented as massive outpouring of Muslim anguish over a YouTube video, the thing that was most immediately conspicuous in its absence was the deafening roar of everybody’s malarky detectors going off at the same time. 
In the broader political scheme of things, what the event caused to be most disturbingly conspicuous was the absence of a federal liberal party in Canada.  
What was demanded last weekend was that Canadian liberalism should inflict upon itself the final act of its slow-motion suicide. You’d have thought that if a vigorous objection would be coming from anywhere, it would be coming from the Liberal Party of Canada. It didn’t, and it is even less likely that it soon will, now that the delicate princeling Justin Trudeau has unofficially declared his odds-on-favourite candidacy for the party leadership.   
It was Trudeau, we should remember, who could only muster a passive-aggressive confabulation of an apology last year for having encouraged black-turbaned misogynists everywhere when he whined that a Canadian citizenship guide that was updated to contain an unfavourable reference to the barbaric practice of honour-killing made him feel, like, you know, “uncomfortable.”

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