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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Talking about the depraved union of Canada's socialist left and Islamists

On The Arena with Michael Coren tonight

Some background here

Thanks again to SDAMatt2a for the video!

Some additional background:

and breaking - Prime Minister's office denies reports that a decision has been made to repatriate Omar Khadr


Pyrodafox said...

It is very telling how the crowd shouts down Mr. Coren because they cannot effectively argue why Khadr should come back to Canada. I am not even going to go into the abusive ad hominems. Thankfully they all in the minority.

Where can I get a shirt like that, by the way? ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's another paradox regarding Darfur. For years, Israel and Zionists were promoting awareness about Darfur, some say this was a cynical attempt to deflect attention from Israel but let's assume the concern was sincere. Today, however, Darfuri refugees who made it to Israel are subjected to violent demonstrations by Israelis and deportation by the Israeli government. Where's the concern about Darfur now?

Richard K said...

Deportations of Sudanese have only commenced since the independence of non-Arab South Sudan where there is no genocide and that's where they are being sent. Your point doesn't hold water.