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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Veiled threats of violence from prominent Toronto imam against those who exercise free speech

By our standards, it is illegal to marry a nine year old girl. If someone did that, had sex with her at the age of 13 and ordered the beheading of hundreds of people, by our standards he would be considered a bloodthirsty pedophile.

Islam's founder Mohammed did these things.

He wrote the Quran, which, aside from borrowing from earlier religious texts,  is full of contradictions and calls to violence.

All religions are illogical and stupid to some degree, but some are more stupid than others.

One, Islam is so frightened of exposure of the hate, violence and stupidity upon which it was founded that it is willing to kill over criticism of its supposed "prophet."

At a rally in Toronto yesterday calling for Islamic-type blasphemy laws to be introduced to western society, a prominent imam and Muslim leader, Zafar Bangash, made the following veiled threat of violence. Referring to the anti-Islam YouTube video that has enraged Muslims throughout the world, he said:
"There are Christian fundamentalists in the United States and Zionists in the United States, and in fact right here in Canada as well, who support this kind of behaviour. And we want to bring to their attention that if you go down that route, the consequences will be frightening for everybody. We are not a violent people, we don’t issue threats, but we will not surrender our rights to our dignity, to our honor, and the honor of our prophet! Let this be very clear, let every politician in this country take note, that Muslims will not surrender when the honor of our prophet is violated! We will stand up and defend it no matter what!"
Other religions can be criticized and mocked without threat of violence. Does Islam demand special consideration because it is an insecure religion built on the weakest of foundations? Or is it that Muslims worldwide are so deprived of the freedoms that westerners have enjoyed since the Enlightenment, they consider that the norm. In either case, if we do not stand up for our freedoms and rights in the face of threats from Islamist totalitarians, we will lose the most important aspect that western civilization has fooght for centuries to achieve. The right to express our ideas as free men and women.

video h/t Scaramouche

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