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Monday, September 24, 2012

Occupy Movement 1 year later - still stupid, still irrelevant, a lot less crowded

The CBC made this mostly laudatory puff piece about the now mostly-defunked, asinine Occupy Movement a year after its beginnings. Included is an interview with the mastermind of the inept would-be social movement, Kalle Lasn, the creepy publisher of AdBusters magazine, who with his Estonian family fled to Nazi Germany at the end of the Second World War.

One of the more interesting people to emerge from Canada's Occupy Movement is a fellow named Greg Renouf, who is featured in the CBC report. Renouf was one of the original members of "Occupy Canada," but he became disillusioned after seeing the way unions, the NDP and a number of nefarious individuals usurped what began as a 'leaderless' movement to try to advance their own personal agendas. He has since exposed many of the slimy characters involved with Canada's Occupy Movement and in so doing has become reviled and has even been viciously assaulted by them.

His website and YouTube channel frequently have fascinating exposés you won't see anywhere else.

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Mr Bilderberg said...

Breitbart's Occupy Unmasked was released on the weekend. Amazon has the DVD tomorrow, good reviews there.