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Friday, December 4, 2015

Canada under the Trudeau Jr. Liberals - get used to your money paying for their perks

Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite who said he didn't need government money to pay for his children's care while using government money to pay for his children's care.

But that's peanuts compared to the billions he's going to spend on perks and waste now that he and the old, greedy, corrupt gang of Liberals, who believe they are entitled to power and privilege,  now have access to your money:

Canada sent 383 people to the UN climate conference, more than Australia, the U.K. and U.S. together

The massive Canadian contingent at the UN climate-change conference in Paris was originally estimated at 350 people, but it appears the trans-Atlantic road trip has expanded.
The “provisional list of participants” just released by the UN has an amazing 383 names from Canada, ranking us among the largest entourages in the entire confab.
Don’t nitpick over the newly bloated number, as it’s understandable some jet-setting bureaucrats may have been initially overlooked during such a busy travel period.
If you’ve ever seen the classic Christmas film “Home Alone” you’ll know how easy it is to get the head count wrong during a mad dash to Paris.

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