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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Two pictures I took while out and about in the strange world...

Can someone explain this to me?

This establishment is on the far west end of Davenport Road in Toronto. I don't know what a Rehobot is, but if it's a new phase in robotics, then this is the place to come for what may be a popular spare part. Or maybe it's a beauty supply store for the bitchiest women in town.

And as for this, it's a sad state of affairs when James Bond is looking like the bastard love child of a union between Tintin and Pee Wee Herman:

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Vardit said...

Probably some Thai or Bangladeshi have no idea what country that writing is from lived in Israel as a Nanny or another type of worker and named the place RehoVot but they spell as they pronounce so they spelled it Rehobot Rehovot is a city in Israel.