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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Trudeau government’s arrogant approach to electoral reform

Justin Trudeau wants to impose a system that is less efficient and less democratic in the name of democracy.  Because on of his advisers who does his thinking for him told him it was a good idea: 
...the Trudeau government’s approach displays unprecedented arrogance. Over the past decade, three provincial governments tried to change the voting system in their jurisdiction, but committed to put the question to the people. In Ontario (2007) and British Columbia (2005 and 2009), relatively few citizens participated in the referenda and those who did rejected the proposals. A plebiscite on electoral reform in New Brunswick had been promised for 2008, but was never held as the Progressive Conservative government was defeated. It is worth noting too that the citizens of Great Britain were also asked to consider important changes to their electoral system in 2011. The Labour government’s proposals were also flatly rejected by enormous margins. Why should it be different for the government of Canada?...

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