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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Canada's government goes full retard

The Canadian Government has set up a hotline to assist people who are "triggered"and feel traumatized by reading material on a Canadian government website. I'm not sure what's worse; whether the government assumes its citizens are so psychologically frail and pathetic that it believes being "triggered" from reading its website is a serious issue, or that Canadians actually are so psychologically frail and pathetic that it's a serious issue. 


Unknown said...

Welcome to Trudeapia redux.

gama said...

" Canada they're baaaaaack ! "

Expect this liberal government to give a really touchy-feely-hug for the weepy and neurotic , and Justin is setting the mood !
Trudeau will institutionalize a state sponsored VICTIM-INDUSTRY !
& there is no shortage of victim groups with a rusty ax to grind ...... woe to those for opening Pandora's Box & Linda's & Suzie's & ...............