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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Poverty Pimps make pilgrimage to Tory's City Hall

File photo of Mayor John Tory

TORONTO - Emboldened by a mayor, John Tory, who can’t say no to anyone, the usual suspects emerged Tuesday to lean on the budget committee to fund their every want.

It didn’t take long for those who came to speak and the mostly leftist councillors on the committee to reiterate demands for a variety of revenue tools, that is, more taxes.

Gone was the hysteria of the Rob Ford days when they worried they might actually have to account for their handouts.

There were repeated calls Tuesday from those — mostly in the poverty industry — to resurrect the $60 personal vehicle tax (PVT) and to put in place a tax on the LCBO, a parking lot levy, a progressive property tax (that penalizes those with more expensive homes), and even a two-cent hike on the GST.

The attitude appeared to be whatever they could grab from those they perceived to be richer than them, the better...

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Toronto Activists said...

Most of the heads of these groups who claim to speak on behalf of the poor have made an extremely lucrative income off of the massive government funding they receive.

The only poverty they ever try to prevent is that of themselves and their friends.