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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Monday, January 25, 2016

Iranian government claims "diplomatic immunity" in lawsuit holding them accountable for funding terrorism

Prime Minister Justin "Prince Bonehead" Trudeau wants to re-establish diplomatic relations with these assholes. Trudeau has a Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Affairs Minister who supports their terror proxies, and Trudeau's brother has taken money from, and made propaganda for Iran.

TORONTO — The Iranian government sent lawyers to a Toronto courtroom on Monday to fight attempts by victims of Hamas and Hezbollah attacks to hold the Islamic republic to account for sponsoring the terrorist groups that harmed them.

Faced with the prospect of losing two Ontario properties and bank accounts worth $2.6 million to victims of terrorism, Iran argued it was protected from civil suits by state immunity and that what it owned enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

The unusual case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is the first test of a Canadian law that allows terror victims to seek damages from state sponsors of terrorism...

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